About The House That Fur Built

The House That Fur Built is an idea that has slowly become a reality over the past few years. It all started with a blind pitbull named Peggy Sue, who was rescued from Craigslist and loved everyone she ever met. 


With the help of Peggy Sue, our organization has quarterly “Kindness Tours,” where we assist members of the community who may be struggling. We rely on the community’s kindness through donations of funds, food, household items, and more. We hold small events and fundraisers to bring awareness to our mission while raising the funds required to gather and purchase the goods distributed during our Kindness Tours. 


We aim to help local residents, but we have helped residents outside of Berks County. We are happy to go where assistance is needed the most. We hope our random acts of kindness will cause a ripple effect throughout our community, encouraging others to do the same.


THTFB is a publicly funded 501c(3) Non-Profit organization located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Performing random acts of kindness one Peggy Sue at a time.

Kindness Tours

During our past Kindness Tours, we’ve provided:

  • Pet food/products for those struggling to feed their pets

  • Backpacks with school supplies for children in need

  • Christmas gifts for families who are struggling during the holidays 

  • Flowers and gift baskets for those who recently lost someone special

  • Payment of emergency vet bills

  • Groceries for families in need

  • Winter gloves and hats for homeless population in Reading

  • Lunches for staff at animal shelters, Emergency Medical Services, and local police

Our Board Members

Sarah is the heart and soul of our organization and is Peggy Sue’s mom. When she isn't working full-time at a staffing agency, she spends her time volunteering for rescues, assisting various local non-profits, and taking elderly and special needs animals into her home as fosters. Sarah can’t pick a favorite Kindness Tour memory because the next one should always be the best one!
Nikki has been with the organization since its fruition in 2020. She is a masters-prepared Registered Nurse with a background in acute rehabilitation. In addition to acting as THTFB Secretary, she spends her time volunteering for animal rescues and spending time with her favorite fur children. Her favorite Kindness Tour memory is donating funds to random families at the local emergency vet and assisting families at a terrifying moment in their lives.
Heather is a DelCo native who's lived in Berks County for 25 years. She's mom to four (almost) adult children, two dogs, and a cat. Heather is passionate about the community. She enjoys volunteering at her church and with various local non-profit organizations. Her hobbies include kayaking, hiking, and riding bikes with her partner, Carl. One of her favorite Kindness Tour memories is handing out flowers to all of the ladies at a beauty salon; so many sweet smiles in one place!